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Douglas AD-4N Skyraider(F-AZDP) was in temporary residence with The Fighter Collection hangar during 2011 awaiting a new starboard outer wing panel following a mid air collision with Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-18 Mustang/A68-192/(D-FBBD) during their final run and break at the end of the Balbo at the Flying Legends Air Show on Sunday 10th July 2011. The Mustang, finished as 472218/WZ-I/’Big Beautiful Doll’ and being flown by Rob Davies, was struck on the underside of the rear fuselage during the break to turn downwind for landing by the starboard outer wing of the Skyraider, a portion of which was broken off. Rob Davies took to his parachute at low level and landed safely and without injury, although the Mustang was destroyed when it crash into an empty field just to the south west of Duxford airfield. The Skyraider managed to land safely back on the airfield. A new outer wing panel was sourced in America.



Douglas AD-4N Skyraider/BuNo12143/cn7449/F-AZDP

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider/BuNo12143/cn7449/F-AZDP

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