12th August 2011

Apart from Warbirds and Museum aircraft and with an active runway, Duxford also plays host to a variety

of visitors both Civilian and Military that are 'Just Passing Through'.

Aerospatial AS350 Squirrel HT2/ZJ252/52/(G-BXOK),  No 670 Sqn, School of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop

Miscellaneous Visitors

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23rd March 2011

Agusta-Westland AH-1 Apache.


As it was quiet and the sun was shining I decided to tempt fate and have my packed lunch. Never fails as half way through my cheese and spam sandwich, the sun went in and two Army Air Corps Apache AH1 helicopters, based over the border at Wattisham in Suffolk, approached the airfield flying low from the south. In the past I’ve only seen one Apache training at the airfield so two made a pleasant change. It was the usual routine but times two. Hover, land, hover, backwards, forwards, pirouette and then a circuit of the airfield and back to hover and repeat.

It was quiet, as in nothing was flying, for a Friday visit and I was just having a spot of lunch outside on one of the benches opposite the AirSpace hangar when an Army helicopter called in on the radio for landing instructions. The Squirrel was parked at the other end of the airfield opposite the American Air Museum. After I had my lunch and a slow wander to the far end of the airfield, the crew had returned from their wander around and were plotting a route home.

*NEW UPDATE ~ 12May12*

Vans RV Bonus Day


Basically arrive in any Vans (aircraft not Transit) RV design and landing fee and museum entrance was half price. The RV8tors flew in and later on gave a brief and very close display. The 30+ Vans were parked on the grass and other visiting aircraft were on the jet pan.

12th May 2012